The OS that makes your computer


Imagine an exciting OS that lets you just work or game hard.Something that is secure by default.Something that defines stability.Something which let's you focus on the important things.Something that is simple yet flexible.Well you'll no longer just dream it because the ultimate's here!


System Security

Based on Ubuntu to be secure. Native support for full disk encryption, blazing fast security updates and a hardened debian core makes the system a safe place to store sensitive data.


With a careful selection of packages, playnux is very light and can run on a variety of devices and environments.


We respect privacy.Any person wouldn't want others disturbing their personal life or invading their privacy.Instead acting like a subgenus of Chimpanzee for money, we chose to think like humans & made this OS offer privacy.

Nux Suite

Nux suite is built upon individual apps that you'll use daily.It contains a calculator, calendar, file manager, music player, terminal, text editor and an app store.All of this were carefully selected since they are needed to have a functional desktop.

Optimized workflow

Comes with auto tiling, keyboard navigation, workspaces, Do not disturb mode, stacking, dark mode etc out of the box for you to work better.You can also customize your workflow.

Full fledged app shop

With the help of playnux app shop you are just a click away from downloading a variety of apps.You can also see useful information about the app.App Shop makes it easier for indie developers and corporations to upload their linux apps.



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